Nothing Worth Achieving is Guaranteed

Kate, a reader, recently left a comment saying “Nothing worth achieving is guaranteed.” She said this in response to my greatest concern about professional blogging: I stated that the most difficult thing about earning a living online is that I live with an abundance of uncertainty. Kate pointed out that uncertainty is often a […]

Why Everyone Should “Pay It Forward”

I recently read a novel by Catherine Ryan Hyde called “Pay It Forward.” Her book promotes a simple idea that would change the world we live in if everyone did their part. Upon reading the previous sentence, you’re probably already skeptical. Changing the world is difficult. It requires worldwide communication and cooperation — yet our […]

Dare to Invest in Dreams

As you may be aware, LifeReboot was originally a timed experiment. I wanted to see how successful I could be at earning income online, so I made the choice to try it out for six months. It was February ’07 when I made that decision. I left my job, moved away from home, and started […]