Life Isn’t Always a Party

In The Myth of Separating Work and Play, I made the argument that you shouldn’t choose a career based on what it pays or how practical it seems. My aim was to recommend how it’s better to Do What Interests You. Some readers misinterpreted this argument as a naive suggestion to live your life doing […]

The Myth of Separating Work and Play

I should have taken his advice. He was a millionaire. Not the kind that was born into riches, either — the kind of millionaire who earned every dollar. “I want you here full-time,” he said. Bent on finishing college, I said “I’m not ready to enter the work force yet.” He sat up straight, wheeled […]

Accept Who You Are

When it was my turn to pick a major for college, I chose Computer Science. At the time, it seemed like a sensible choice: I had computer skills; these skills were marketable; and I didn’t hate the idea of a career in computers. Sadly, it took the rest of college and four years in the […]

The Mistake of Becoming Complacent

I recently accompanied my girlfriend Cassie on a trip to Northern Michigan. For me, it was an opportunity to meet some of her family for the first time. For her, it was an opportunity to sell some things during the four-day long “Family Garage Sale” being hosted at her Uncle’s house. By no means was […]