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Today is Blog Action Day 2007. This means that over 15,000 blogs will be uniting to write about one subject: Our environment.

I’ll be the first to point out that this is off-topic. LifeReboot is not a blog dedicated to saving the world.

LifeReboot does, however, support the idea of creating positive change — and that’s what Blog Action Day is about.

The Blog Action Day promotional video explains the concept:

In short, it’s a combined effort by bloggers to create positive change in the world. As such, I wanted to participate. So without further ado, here is my contribution to Blog Action Day 2007:

5 Simple Ways to Save the World

Simple Way #1 – Take “Navy Showers”

You’ve probably learned to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. This video takes the same water-conservation strategy to the shower.

Simple Way #2 – Ride Your Bike To Work

Save money, save the planet, and get in shape with this guide on how to ride your bike to work.

Simple Way #3 – Use e-billing

This video demonstrates how wasteful paper bills can be. If you’re given the option to receive emails instead of paper statements, take it!

Simple Way #4 – Choose Electric Hand Dryers over Paper Towels

Help save tons of paper waste and hundreds of trees annually by choosing the electric hand dryer option in public restrooms.

Simple Way #5 – Drink From Reusable Bottles or Cups

Plastic water bottles, paper cups, and one-use coffee containers are wasteful. This article shows why everyone wins when you ask for a ceramic mug at your local coffee shop.

5 Hardcore Ways to Save the World

Hardcore Way #1 – Use Cold Air from Outside to Power Your Fridge

If it’s winter, then it’s cold outside. Why not use the cold air to cool commercial refrigerators? Someone had the good sense to save energy and money with this invention.

Hardcore Way #2 – Water Cool Computers with a Swimming Pool

Cooler, quieter computers. Added energy savings. The possible bonus of a slightly warmer pool. All from this idea.

Hardcore Way #3 – Practice Vermicomposting

In other words, let worms eat your garbage.

Hardcore Way #4 – Save on Heat with an 84-square foot Home

It doesn’t take much to heat a home the size of a parking space.

Hardcore Way #5 – Build a Zero Energy House

Combine 12 energy saving features to construct a Zero Energy House. Excess power generated by its renewable energy systems is shared with a local power distributor.

And as an added Bonus…

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#1 Lauren on 15, Oct, 2007 at 7:30 pm

Fantastic! I know it’s off your intended topic, but it’s a topic near and dear to me. You would think having a compost bin inside would smell awful, but my friends had one in their apartment and you couldn’t smell it at all. Also an interesting idea is to carry around your garbage for a week to see how much waste you produce. It makes you really think about what can be re-used and recycled that you never considered.

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