How to Find and Embrace Your Passion in Life

Sometimes people ask me how to find what they love to do. They explain how they don’t have a goal in life, and don’t know what to do about it. I point out what is often a hard truth: if you need to ask someone else what your life’s calling is, then you’re doing it […]

How to Change Careers

Do you hate your job? Do you want to change careers but don’t know how to do it? You’re not alone. Maybe you want a job that’s more challenging. Maybe you want to do something more fun. Maybe you need something that’s more personally rewarding, or financially stable. Whatever the reason, we’re all after the […]

How to be a Better Writer

I have an interest in becoming a better writer. I say “better writer” instead of just a “writer” because I’m not exactly sure where the line is drawn when it comes to actually being a writer. Some say that through the process of writing, by definition you are a writer — but others like myself […]

How to Make Money Online: Earn Extra Income from your Website using Google Adsense

There are lots of guides for how to make money online. I’m pretty sure that most of them are scams. The reason I think this is because they all seem too good to be true. The scammer claims that through some “secret system” that they developed, they are making thousands of dollars a month doing […]

How to Get Ahead in Life

The desire to “get ahead in life” is common. The actual process of getting ahead, though, requires something different from everyone that wants to get there. This is because everyone is starting from a different spot in life. Consequently, there’s an infinite amount of goals that can be considered forward progress for anyone wanting to […]