Review Your Goals

2007 is drawing to a close. You’ve sent out your Holiday Greeting Cards. You’ve had your annual Holiday Shopping Spree. You’ve exchanged presents and expressed thanks. You’ve attended Holiday parties hosted by your family, friends, boss, or co-workers — but the final party still remains. New Year’s Eve: The time when you pinpoint an area […]

For My Family

Every year, my parents send out a Family Christmas Photo to all of their friends and relatives. For as long as I can remember, the process of actually taking this annual family photo has been an exercise in patience. Consequently, whenever my mother says “Oh, why don’t we take the Christmas picture since we’re all […]

Your Toughest Critic is Often Yourself

My girlfriend Cassie had a life reboot of her own this year: She began a career as a music teacher. She has therefore experienced a lot of “firsts” ever since she started. Her first curriculum, her first classroom, her first student body. Last night, she conducted her first 8th Grade Holiday Choir Concert.

How To Conquer Addiction

It was a harmless question. He asked it with no malicious intent. Still, the mere suggestion of it made my pulse race and my palms sweat: “Is anyone interested in a game of poker?” He gestured to a card table. An immediately recognizable chip-case rested on the felt. Atop the case was a brand new […]

Nothing I Write Will Ever Be Perfect

I pried the “Backspace” key off of my keyboard with a screwdriver less than 30 seconds ago, and I’m already reaching for it instinctually. My desire to publish “good” writing has caused me to adopt the neurotic habit of eliminating “bad” writing. Unfortunately, my obsession for “good” writing escalated to an impossible level: I refused […]