Stephen Hopson Interview Part II of II

The following text is from Part II of my “Stephen Hopson Interview” at Adversity University: 10.  Shaun, at Adversity University, I often talk about the value of changing our perceptions in order to deal with adversity.  How have you dealt with adversity in your life?  Give us specific examples of adversity and what you did […]

Words Fail Me

liferebootdotcom: hey lj LJ: hey LJ: brb LJ: hi LJ: how are you? liferebootdotcom: I am ok. how are you? LJ: I’m alright liferebootdotcom: my Uncle Bob died. he’s not really my uncle, just a friend of my father’s — but he was closer to me than most of my real uncles liferebootdotcom: he lived […]

Stephen Hopson Interview Part I of II

The following text is from Part I of my “Stephen Hopson Interview” at Adversity University: 1.  One of my favorite questions when I want to learn about someone is by asking them to give me their 5 second introduction when I pose the question:  “What do you do for a living?” I’m a former computer […]

The Power to Choose

I was recently contacted by Stephen Hopson of Adversity University. He started a series of interviews at his blog, and he wanted me to participate. After reading through one of his existing interviews, I agreed. Stephen sent me a list of interview questions, and I began composing my responses to them. Most of the questions […]

Stop Distracting Me, I’m Trying to Procrastinate

Yesterday I was writing at the library when I noticed a girl working at a nearby table. Like me, she had some work laid out in front of her. Unlike me, she also had a wireless laptop set just beyond her work. In addition to her trusty personal computer, she also had her mobile phone […]