There’s Always Plan B

In high school and college, I had a lot of thought-provoking discussions about the future with my friends. We talked about where we were in our lives, where we were going, or how the path we were currently on didn’t really match up with where we wanted to be. Frequently, these discussions ended up depressing […]

One Year Ago on LifeReboot

Today marks an interesting anniversary for me. One year ago, I arrived in Michigan after a two-day, 600-mile drive from New Jersey. At the time, I still had New Jersey plates on my car, I still had health insurance, and I still had over $20,000 in savings. At the time, I was also still on […]

How To Ask For A Raise: Sample Letter

I was surprised to learn that my How To Ask For A Raise In 3 Steps article attracts many new visitors to my website. The reason I’m surprised about it is because this early article of mine has received zero comments since it was published almost one year ago. In other words, the lack of […]

New Blog Design

For the past four months, I’ve been collaborating with Jon Phillips of Freelance Folder.  I wanted a more professional and easier-to-read design for LifeReboot, and Jon was willing to make one for me.  Tonight, the new blog design went live. As a former computer guy, I know that upgrades tend to create problems.  I’m expecting […]

Learning From Relationships

The number one topic people ask me to write about is relationships. On an average of once a week, I’ll get an email asking something like “How do you deal with heartbreak?” — “What do you do when a relationship is one-sided?” — “What steps do you have to take to make a relationship work?” […]