Owning Your Choices

For over a year now, I’ve tried to earn a living as a writer.  When I began this journey, I imagined that I could always return to the 9-to-5 workforce lifestyle if the writing thing didn’t take off right away.  Now that I’m trying to find a job to supplement my writing income, I’m starting […]

Finding Success Through Passion

I had a friend in college who always told me “You remind me of my friend James.” When I’d ask why, he’d just say “You’ll probably meet him sometime.” I didn’t meet James for over a year. Consequently, I had an entire year to develop preconceptions about him. After repeatedly being told “You remind me […]

Applying for Jobs Online: Convenient but Ineffective

Finding a job using the Internet is kind of like playing the lottery. I say this because after five years of consistently playing the game, I still haven’t won anything. The process goes something like this: You search for job postings using online classifieds websites. You submit a cover letter and resume in response to […]