How To Reach Your Goals

Have you ever wanted to make things happen by simply thinking about how much you’d like them to? Just decide “I want to make millions,” “I want to be a dancer,” or “I want to travel the world,” and then suddenly have your wish come true? What became of these goals? Did you truly pursue […]

Know When To Quit, and When Not To

Before leaving my last job, I gave it six months to improve. I wrote a letter to my supervisor asking for a raise, arguing that I was continually doing more work but receiving no additional compensation. After submitting my request, I made a promise to myself: At the end of six months, if I hadn’t […]

Learn to Take the Bad With the Good

I used to work in computer support. I was good at it and it paid the bills, but it wasn’t very fulfilling. After a while I realized that I was suffering from a lifestyle where the bad aspects outweighed the good ones. Money, benefits, feeling safe in the comfort of routine, and job perks were […]

Make No Assumptions About Success

It was surprising to see how radically my site’s visitor statistics changed overnight. One day, LifeReboot receives 9,000 hits from 850 unique visitors. The next day, LifeReboot receives over 700,000 hits from 36,000 unique visitors. That’s just amazing. That’s incredible progress. That’s the power of the Internet. The traffic spike occurred thanks to the social […]

Perfect Timing Doesn’t Exist. Stop Waiting For It

It bothers me when I hear people describe a personal set of conditions that need to be met before they can make the next move in their life. Most often, they’re just making excuses — creating obstacles that aren’t actually there, placing the blame on some outside force they can’t control, and choosing to let […]