You Aren’t an Expert at Everything

I was thinking about what would happen to this blog if I suddenly died. Currently, it would mean that the only person with the login information necessary to add new content to LifeReboot would be forever silenced. The blog would be devoid of new content for a month or two, causing unsuspecting readers to assume […]

Decide What’s Truly Important to You

Anton Chekov’s The Bet is a short story about an extraordinary wager. During a discussion about capital punishment, a banker suggests that the death penalty is preferable to imprisonment for life. The banker argues that “Capital punishment kills a man at once, but lifelong imprisonment kills him slowly.” In response to this, a lawyer explains […]

The Necessity of Struggle

The two surfing experiences I’ve had were as different as night and day. My first lesson was a blast — the waves were perfect, the instructors were helpful, and I did well regardless of my lack of experience. My second lesson, on the other hand, was a real struggle. In this article, I’ll be discussing […]

The Myth of “Someday”

I used to play a game with a friend of mine. It was like word association, but instead of taking turns saying the first word that came to mind, we’d take turns telling one another our wishes. We ended each turn with the word “someday.” We used it like people with two-way radios use the […]

Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List

I’m pleased to announce that LifeReboot was recently tagged by Priscilla Palmer to be added to her Personal Development List. Special thanks to Lawrence Cheok for the nomination. The Personal Development List started out as a list of five blogs that Priscilla wanted to share with the world. Each of the blogs shared the same […]