What is a “Real Job,” exactly?

I keep hearing people use the phrase “Real Job.” I’m only doing this temporarily until I can find a real job. — My parents are adamant about my need to get a real job. — Why don’t you get a real job? The phrase seems silly to me. Isn’t a job just a job? What […]

Dear American Idol Producers,

My girlfriend Cassie auditioned for American Idol at the Philadelphia venue on August 27, 2007. Like thousands of others who tried out that day, she did not make the first cut. Although I understand that you are experienced in the task of selecting candidates that appear on your show, your decision to dismiss Cassie was […]

The Power of Exponential Growth

My fifth grade teacher introduced the concept of exponential growth using terms her students would understand. “Imagine a chessboard. Now imagine the squares on the board as days that you receive allowance. Suppose you are given two options for being paid. The first option, you receive $100 for every square on the board. The second […]