Here Is A Method That Is Helping Me To Reach Goals

April ’07 marked the first month I put income generating systems in place on My goal for the month was to earn one dollar every day.

When I set this goal for myself, I taped a dollar bill to my computer monitor. From then on, whenever I sat down to write I would see the dollar bill.

The purpose of hanging the bill was so that it would remind me of my goal for the website: to create value. It reminded me to write things worth reading, and to steer clear of writing things that would cause someone to think “Who cares?”

You might be thinking “A dollar a day? That’s not even minimum wage, so why not just get a job?”

Although it’s true that it’s not much money, it’s something. All goals need to start somewhere. My goal for this website is that it earns an average of $10 a day by August of ’07. Before it can earn $10 a day, it must earn $9 a day. Before it can earn $9 a day, it must earn $8, and so on.

When you leave an idea as just an idea, it will earn you nothing. I have transformed my idea into a website that earns passive income, and it’s earning something.

In the first month, this site’s income streams have earned me $42 — an average of $1.40 for each day of April ’07. I’d like to offer a special thanks to both Danielle Gibbings and John King, who made donations this month. Your generosity made achieving this month’s goal possible, so I really appreciate your encouragement and support.

I’ve started the month of May off by taping a second dollar bill to my monitor. Although this method might seem corny or pathetic, it’s helping me remember that in order to reach my goals, I must earn it every day.

(Edit:Â LifeReboot’s Current Monthly Earnings are available in this article.)

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3 Responses to “Here Is A Method That Is Helping Me To Reach Goals”

#1 Danielle on 02, May, 2007 at 10:46 pm

That’s a good idea Sean. I started off the year with a simple goal of making more money writing than I did last year. Already I’ve surpassed it and in fact, I’ll have doubled it before the year is half over.

What got me there? I wrote a letter of resignation for my job and I keep it in my wallet. I have a couple other copies floating around too so I run into them often. My screen savers for all of my computer have the date of my planned quit date floating across the screen. Everytime I stop and the screensaver comes up, I’m reminded of my goal.

#2 Shaun Boyd on 03, May, 2007 at 8:51 am

Creating a personal deadline can certainly motivate you to get things done. In my article “How To Move Out Of State,” the very first step is to pick a moving date and tell someone about it. Setting a firm goal in the future makes your decision very real, and you further solidify your plan by making your goal accountable to someone else. Thanks for sharing your method on reaching your own goals — and as always, thanks for your continued support helping encourage me to reach mine. 😀

#3 How to Do Difficult Things, Part 2 | SISTERWISDOM on 26, Jun, 2008 at 1:20 pm

[…] and a schedule, define your specific action(s), make a checklist for every day for a month, and set up your surroundings to help you, not drag you back into old habits. Throw out the stuff that kept old habits alive. […]

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