Time is a Funny Animal

It amazes me how time can go by so quickly yet so slowly all at once.  Today was Cassie’s last chemotherapy, and I’m shocked that she’ll soon be starting radiation — the final phase of her cancer treatment.

The past however many months have been a blur.  After she was first diagnosed I didn’t really sleep.  Somehow we managed to adjust to the circumstances, somehow we managed to sleep, and yet somehow we wouldn’t feel any less tired.

It’s been a long, tough road.  I say that even though I feel like I haven’t done much other than just be here.  Cassie’s the one doing the fighting.  Her doctors are assisting in the fight.  I’m simply along for the ride, anxiously waiting for this chapter in our lives to be over.

It’s September somehow.  This shit began back in February.  We missed out on summer.  Cassie’s birthday came and went.

What have I been doing?  How have I spent my time?  I barely recall what I’ve been up to even though I’m certain that there’s always been some “thing” that needed to be done next.  It’s hard to believe that this thing is almost finished.

It’s like the past six months has just been a long list of things that needed doing.  It kept us busy, focused, preoccupied… distracted.

We’re almost done babe.

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4 Responses to “Time is a Funny Animal”

#1 Erin on 09, Sep, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Give Cassie my best! I am keeping you both in my thoughts.

#2 Helen on 12, Sep, 2009 at 9:52 am

*hugs* I’m glad this hurdle is almost done. I’d been worried and wondering what was going on and Mike doesn’t offer info without permission. 😀

Give Cassie a hug for me and my offer of a shoulder is always there. 🙂

#3 Wes on 20, Sep, 2009 at 3:47 pm

Best of luck to you and Cassie. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in late 2005. I did the chemo thing followed by radiation in early 2006. Chemo is a multi-hour affair. Radiation took almost no time per day.

That being said, radiation did have its side effects. Sore throat, skin irritation, and fatigue were pretty common. But you get your hair back. Enough of my heart was in the radiation field that last year (2008), I had to have bypass surgery to repair a major artery that was damaged by the radiation. It may be something to ask about during the initial radiation consultation.

Despite all of this stuff, I am living a pretty normal, healthy life now! So there is hope….it just takes time to get back to “normal”. Best of luck to you both.


#4 Ralph on 17, Oct, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Hang in there! Time is precious and every second really does count

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