Long-term Goals: My Piano Progress

I’ve talked before about my interest in mastering the piano in my lifetime.  Without getting too much into it, I’ve always been attracted to the piano.  Whenever I’d get near one, I always wanted to press its keys — despite the fact that I didn’t know how to play anything. For the bulk of my […]

How to Find Your True Calling: A Guide to Identifying Your Life’s Purpose

I admit it: There have been times where I was so confused about what my life’s purpose was that I actually asked Google.  I fired up my browser and typed “How to find your calling” to see if it would lead me anywhere. Deep down I knew that it couldn’t tell me, but I imagined […]

How to Get Things Done

At the start of every year I like to take a moment to review my goals, and see how I’m doing.  What always intrigues me is how my priorities change from year to year. 2007 was all about starting a blog.  I created this site and wrote in it full-time job, with the hope that […]