What Should I Do With My Life? – Why It’s Impossible to Deny Who You Really Are

When I started telling people how I’m thinking of going to school for creative writing, many of them said “Of course you are.” I’m surprised at how many people recognized the writer in me before I recognized him myself. As I’m contacting former professors and professional colleagues for letters of recommendation, I’m receiving a lot […]

Give Your Goals Some Breathing Room

A friend of mine was getting married. One of her friends who was part of the bridal party was notorious for running late all the time, so in anticipation of her being late to the wedding, she was told the wedding was much earlier than it actually was. On the day of the wedding, she […]

Hidden Forms of Procrastination

I was reading an article about how writers envision their “perfect writing space.” Once they have the space to do it, they’ll dedicate a room to their craft, purchase an expensive writing desk, and furnish their writing space with things that inspire them. After their perfect writing space is made, though, they prefer to write […]

How to Improve Yourself Gradually

When we crave change, we often want the end result now. You want to be thin NOW! You want to be rich and successful NOW! You want to be an expert in something NOW! What you don’t want to do now, though, is any of the in-between work. It’s like you want to start the […]

Live Fit, Live Strong: Kristy Victor’s Tips on Fitness Success

I knew Kristy Victor in high school. We fell out of contact, and years later I saw her on Facebook. I was shocked at her radical transformation. I barely recognized her! Kristy had successfully reshaped her body from “pleasantly plump” to a bodybuilder bombshell! I was anxious to talk to her about how she did […]