Job Interview Tips from Someone Who’s Been There

Someone recently talked to me about their upcoming job interview. They were nervous about what to expect, and asked me “What should I know?” They’d already done a bit of research. They knew what they planned on wearing, they had a rehearsed answer for “So tell me about yourself,” and they knew about the importance […]

How to Be Satisfied with What You Have

There’s a lot of excitement over the release of the new iPhone 4S. I’m reading news stories about people lining up outside of stores so they can get their hands on the latest version of the popular phone. I have trouble relating to the “must have it now” mentality. I’ve observed early adopters of the […]

How to Break Out of a Vicious Cycle

I will do the opposite.I used to sit here and do nothing, and regret it for the rest of the day.So now I will do the opposite, and I will do something! — George Costanza, Seinfeld Recently I was having some trouble keeping up with my wordcount goals for writing fiction. The creative aspect of […]

There is No “Easy” Button, only a “Go” Button

The idea of hardship is relative. I started thinking about this after watching a documentary called “Born Rich.” In it, different heirs and heiresses who inherited millions after being “born into money” share their perspectives on the topic of wealth. I found it really fascinating. See, everyone that I’ve ever known has been short of […]

Don’t Force It

I remember a commercial from the 90’s where a guy is having his car serviced. Two mechanics are shoving a battery into his car, using a hammer to cram it inside. The owner is concerned maybe that’s not the right size battery for his car, but the mechanics insist they’ll make it fit. “Don’t worry, […]