The End of an Era: RIP Steve Jobs

I was late to recognize the significance of Steve Jobs’ genius. I first heard of him in 1999. I was in high school, writing a paper on Bill Gates. My teacher suggested that I compare Gates to his Apple counterpart, Steve Jobs. I had never heard of Jobs before, but I did some research and […]

Don’t be so scared of Growing Up

I’m turning 29 tomorrow. I’m a bit more bummed out about it than I expected. I think that I’ve reached the age where birthdays don’t really mean much anymore. After all, I can already drive, drink, and gamble — what’s left to get excited about? Instead of getting excited, I’m getting scared. I’m almost 30! […]

What’s more important to you than money?

Every once in a while someone contacts me with a question I can’t answer: What should I do with my life? I try to steer their question back at them, admitting how finding and embracing your passion is something personal. Recently I’ve been thinking about methods for identifying your life’s purpose, and I keep returning […]