What is LifeReboot?
LifeReboot is a blog about creating positive change in your life. Topics range from big, overwhelming changes like finding a new career path to small, daily changes like forming good habits. I share my thoughts and experiences here to help inspire you to create positive change in your own life. I want you to realize that changing your life is not only possible, but thoroughly rewarding.

Who are you?
Shaun BoydMy name is Shaun Boyd, and I am obsessed with personal development. I believe that when you invest in yourself, you can never lose. Consequently, I’m always anxious to try something new, learn new skills, and seize opportunities with the hope that these changes will help improve my life.

I didn’t always feel this way. There was a time where I didn’t even realize that changing my life was an option. I was stuck in a routine that was making me unhappy, until I realized that I could change it. Here’s what happened:

I grew up with a curious interest in technology. Over the years I gained a keen understanding of computers. Everyone who knew me had this idea about how I would “succeed” in life thanks to my computer talents. It was an understood assumption among friends and family that I’d attend college, majoring in computer science.

I never stopped to give the choice much thought. I met those expectations and received my BS in CS. Once in the working world, though, I fell into a distinct pattern: I’d start a new computer job, become unhappy within a few years, leave that job to get a different computer job, become unhappy after another few years, and so on.

My unhappiness was always the result of how I stopped learning new things after working in the same place for too long. In every instance I’d reach a point where my job no longer offered any new and interesting things to learn, leaving only the mundane repetitive tasks which made my job boring and left my life unfulfilled.

One of these repetitive tasks was updating computer software. Whenever software undergoes a significant change, it is necessary to reboot the computer. Rebooting gives the computer a fresh start to accommodate the change.

It was during one of these reboots that I experienced an epiphany: Staring at my expressionless reflection in the blackened monitor, I realized how I would always be unhappy in the computer industry. Although this was a choice that I had made, there was no passion driving that decision. It was a mistake. I was miserable and needed to change. I needed to “reboot my life.”

That thought incubated in my mind and caused me to create LifeReboot. It started out as an experiment to see if I could make a living writing, but it has evolved into something much more.

LifeReboot has chronicled my experiences as I gradually reinvent myself as a writer. LifeReboot was my emotional outlet when my girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer. LifeReboot has carried my voice to the eyes and ears of hundreds of thousands of readers, and has retold my stories relentlessly since I first started telling them in 2007.

Perhaps most importantly, LifeReboot has been the greatest communication tool for meeting like-minded individuals like myself. I am often contacted by readers wanting to change their lives, and I consider myself lucky to have everyone sharing their stories with me.

Where should I go from here?
Everything written on LifeReboot is intended help raise your awareness. I hope that you will relate to the articles I’ve published here, so that you can be inspired to create positive change within your own life, and have the courage to reinvent yourself.

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