Put Yourself Out There

I stared at the ad with mixed thoughts. “A comprehensive program that includes a traditionally structured Budo training and a learning of natural functions of body and mind. Our purpose is self-improvement, Personal Excellence, using traditional Japanese Budo such as Aiki Jujitus and Karate-do that are based on Nihonn Kokoro (Japanese traditional spirit).” It went […]

The Best of the Best of LifeReboot.com

Over 50,000 people read my article about The Working Dead yesterday. Consequently, my email inbox had 400 new messages today. Nearly every message was a supportive one. I couldn’t respond to all 400 emails, so please forgive me if I didn’t reply to you. Know that I’m truly grateful for your interest, participation, and support […]

The Working Dead

My former co-worker took personal calls on his cell phone while at work. His conversations always started the same way: Co-worker: Sup? Caller: Sup. What ya doin’? Co-worker: Nothing. Working. Both answers were accurate. That’s because at this job, doing nothing was still considered “work” if you were on the clock. In other words, the […]

Re: The Secret

Mary, a LifeReboot.com reader, recently asked my opinion on “The Secret.” Somewhat confused, I wrote her back asking “What Secret?” She was surprised I hadn’t heard of it. The Secret is making headlines around the world, she claimed. There’s a book about it. There’s a DVD about it. There’s an episode of Oprah about it. […]

A Post for a Better Tomorrow

Today is Blog Action Day 2007. This means that over 15,000 blogs will be uniting to write about one subject: Our environment. I’ll be the first to point out that this is off-topic. LifeReboot is not a blog dedicated to saving the world. LifeReboot does, however, support the idea of creating positive change — and […]